Erasmus+ Exchange Programmes

Erasmus+ exchange programme is a European Union program carried out by the Turkish National Agency to encourage higher education institutions to cooperate with each other. The fact that higher education institutions produce and implement joint projects with each other provides free financial support for short-term student and staff exchange. It facilitates short-term student and staff exchange between higher education institutions in European Union countries and Turkey, and provides the opportunity for students enrolled in higher education institutions to receive vocational training/gain work experience in a business or organization abroad. The aim of the programme is to improve the quality of higher education in Europe and to strengthen its European dimension. For further information about the Turkish National Agency and the Erasmus+ programme, please click here.

Our new Erasmus+ Project application for 2021-2027 Term has been accepted and our University offers its students the opportunity to spend 1 semester or 1 year of their education at universities in European Union member countries within the scope of the Erasmus+ programme. In order to apply to the programme, students must have 2.20 CGPA for undergraduate and associate degree, and 2.50 CGPA for graduate and doctoral degrees as a minimum requirement. For students who do not have a transcript at the application stage; 1-Students transferring from associate degree must have at least 2.20/4.00 CGPA. 2-Freshmen must have a high school graduation grade of at least 75/100. In order to contribute to the individuals benefiting from the exchange programme, the European Commission provides non-refundable financial support to our students who are entitled to benefit from the programme within the quota from 450 Euros to 750 Euros per month for learning and traineeship mobility in accordance with the living expenses and living conditions in the country of destination.