onlıne applıcatıon and enrollment

How It Goes

We love to make things easier for you. Here is how:


Online Application

Click on top right corner “APPLY NOW” button and fill all the information . 

You will mainly need: 
– Passport
– Diploma
– Transcript
– English or Turkish Language Certificate (if available)
(TOEFL IBT, PTE Akademik, YÖKDİL/YDS) or (TÖMER B1 or higher level)

Conditional Acceptance Letter

If you get accepted to our university to the related department we will be sending you a Conditional Acceptance Letter which requests you basically to make a deposit payment. This deposit payment will allow us to save your seat in the university. Don’t forget to add your application number(PIN CODE) to description part of your receipt.

Please note that all deposits are non-refundable.



Official Acceptance & Visa Support Letter

After gettind Conditionally Accepted and making deposit payment we prepare for you an Official Acceptance Letter and Visa Support Letter for the embassy you are applying to. Then we invite you to complete your enrollment in the campus with your original documents.  

Enrollment & Residence Permit

Once you are in the campus we complete your enrollment steps with your original hard copy documents: 
– Passport
– Original Diploma and Translated Version (in Turkish or English)
– Original Transcript and Translated Version  (in Turkish or English)
– A Photo (Passport Size)
– Receipt(s) of Payment (Minimum one semester including deposit fee)
– Equivilancy Letter (Denklik) from Ministry of Eduation of Turkey in Turkey. Also in some countries Embassies have “Educational Attache” and they provide “Equivilancy Letter” services. 

All students are responsible for their equivilancy letters. If their documents are rejected for equivilancy by government authorities, university will not accept any responsibility. 


1. High School Diploma (or the document certifying that the candidate will graduate from high school)
2. High School Transcript
3. Passport Copy
4. English or Turkish Language Certificate (if available)

For English Taughts Programs

  • TOEFL-IBT:  (two years)
  • YÖKDİL / YDS:  (valid three years)
  • PTE Academic: (valid two years)


For Turkish Taughts Programs

  • B1 TOMER Certificate


Important Notes

Students who have not language certificate accepted conditinaly, and they have to submit Language Certificate / Score Reports, in a year after the registration . Otherwise, their registriationis cancelled.

If the document is issued in the languages apart from Turkish or English, it must be translated into Turkish.)

Students may attend the English Proficiency and Turkish Proficiency Exam which takes every week. (Students who fail this exams have to study at our preparation schools for one year).

Tuition Fees

Bachelor Degree Programs (in Turkish): 2.8000 USD  per year (VAT included) (2 installments)

Bachelor Degree Programs (in English): 3.350 USD  per year (VAT included) (2 installments)

Faculty of Dentistry (in English): 14.500 USD per year (VAT included) (2 installments)

Faculty of Dentistry (in Turkish): 12.500 USD per year (VAT included) (2 installments)

Vocational School: 1850 USD per year (VAT included) (2 installments)

Deposit Payment: 1.000 USD
Deposit Payment (For Faculty of Dentistry): 2000 USD

English Preparatory School:
Interior Architecture and Environmental Design: 3350 USD per program (VAT included) (2 installments)
Psychology: 3350 USD per program (VAT included) (2 installments)
Dentistry: 5000 USD per program (VAT included)
Turkish Preparatory School: 1.500 USD per program (VAT included) 


* The Tuition Fees for graduate programs can payed in 2 installments. Half of the tuition fee must be payed during the registration and the rest of the fee the following semester.

Bank Account Information

Beneficiary name: Istanbul Galata University
Bank: Halkbank
Branch: Elmadağ Branch
IBAN NO: TR 38 0001 2009 7510 0058 1004 14 

Explanation: International student tuition fee. Name, surname and passport number of the student has to be notified.

Bank Account Information for Turkish Preparatory School 



Bank: Halkbank

Branch: Elmadağ Branch

IBAN NO: TR 29 0001 2009 7510 0053 0007 04

Scholarship Opportunities

Scholarships are usually awarded for excellence in learning and studying in a particular field and are given out on a discretionary basis. Full and partial scholarship opportunities at different ratios are available for only Foreign Country citizens with the appreciation and evaluation of Admission Committee. 

Scholarship only covers university tuition fee.

Students who want to apply scholarship, should check scholarship admission dates. Eligible scholarship applicants will be invited to an interview. 

The interview dates and hours will be announced on our web site after the deadline for the applications.